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The family passion

The story of Bacco del Monte is the story of the Bacci family, who moved to the "Monte" in 1985. Here Sergio, Giorgia, Enrico and Elena build their house and decide to plant a small vineyard for family use. Here Monteprimo watches over the plants and becomes the favorite landscape to admire.The years pass and the passion for wine grows bigger and bigger, so much so that in 2016 Enrico and Elena, with the help of their children Silvia and Duccio, decide to plant two hectares of Pinot Noir and give life to the Bacco del Monte company. 

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The Bacco del Monte company was born in 2016 when Enrico and Elena decide to plant a Pinot Nero vineyard on the beautiful hills of Mugello.

Precisely the company is located in Vicchio, the birthplace of Giotto and Beato Angelico.

But here not only art is the master, in fact, thanks to the particular conformation of the valley and its microclimate characterized by strong day-night temperature variations,

the cultivation of Pinot Noir is becoming more and more important.



The Pinot Nero vineyard was set up in 2016.The vineyard overlooks the Montelleri lake for an extension of about 2 hectares with west exposure.

The planting density is 5000 vines / ha trained with the Guyot system. There are four clones used with rooted cuttings coming directly from France.

The diversity of the clones will allow us in the future to differentiate the labels produced.

The harvest is generally carried out in late August, early September and the vinification takes place directly in our cellars using only grapes from our vineyard.

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